Walmart Boardings its Reach

1172 days ago

The New York Times reports that Walmart is partnering with to promote car insurance. They will not have a store under Walmart's roof, but it will be promoted in stores, and it will be linked throughout currently serves customers in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas.

Help Your Mechanic

1173 days ago

Tell your mechanic what the car is doing, not what you think is wrong with it. Auto systems are very complicated and interconnected, and the problem may not be what you think it is.

Want to Save Money on Car Insurance pt. 3

1174 days ago

Bad Credit + Lapsed Policy Payments = Higher Insurance Rates

We have all heard that paying your credit card bills on time improves your credit scores. The same is true with paying your monthly car insurance policy. If your insurance policy laps, its a strong possibility that when you renew your policy you will be paying more. It may take a few missed payments before they will cancel your policy, but it will take a lifetime of higher premiums to appreciate why lapsing is not a good

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